Improving your sustainability performance in ways that add real value always benefits from a more collaborative approach to planning and implementation.  The reason is simple, rarely does one organisation, team or group have sufficient influence or control to achieve the breakthroughs you’re looking for.  Engaging and involving the right people and organisations from the outset can make a significant difference in achieving the outcomes you really want.

Our team has helped hundreds of organisations adopt a more strategic approach to sustainability in ways that add measurable value, proactively manage risks and create new opportunities for growth.  

Applied learning – Adding Sustainable Value

In 2011 Business Lab collaborated with The Natural Step and Otago Polytechnic to develop Adding Sustainable Value, New Zealand’s leading training course for organisations that are serious about sustainability.  Our team continue to deliver this practical advanced strategic planning course around New Zealand.

How we can help:

  • An introduction to understanding integrated and strategic sustainability
  • Benchmarking with international PROBE for sustainability excellence tools
  • Streamlined life-cycle assessment for products and services
  • Strategic planning advice and support
  • Collaborative planning solutions involving internal teams and external partners
  • Tailored seminars and workshops
Our recent project for the Auckland Harbour Bridge used an outcomes based approach, similar to the one learned through Adding Sustainable Value, and was recognised as achieving best practice at the 2015 New Zealand Planning Institute Awards.
— Kathryn McDonald, Company Sustainability Leader, Opus International Consultants Ltd
Adding Sustainable Value has given Tourism Holdings a solid framework to fast-track our sustainability strategy and build the understanding of our team about how that will underpin our future commercial success. We prototyped the framework with Kiwi Experience, and it has been so successful that we are now rolling it out to all our other businesses. From this programme we now have a clear method to demonstrate our leadership commitment in being a responsible tourism operator.
— Grant Webster, CEO, Tourism Holding Ltd