When you operate in an environment where competing interests are common, reaching agreement on how best to capture and respond to new opportunities through collaboration can be challenging. 

We’ve worked with a range of industries to facilitate meaningful conversations about long-term strategy and industry development initiatives. Our work has supported industries to explore how to better engage members, accelerate innovation, and grow the market for wider industry benefit. See our Case Studies for more projects and information.

How we can help:

  • Collaborative strategic planning
  • Local and regional economic development initiatives
  • Governance advice and support
Business Lab has supported Marlborough businesses by creating the environment for them to work successfully together for their industry. This has led to new relationships being created within the industry, new relationships between the industry and Council, and the creation of a vision and practical plan for them to focus on which is aimed at innovation and added value. Business Lab’s engaging approach has persuaded many busy industry leaders to enthusiastically offer their time to the cause of industry leadership.
— Neil Henry, Manager Strategic planning and economic development, Marlborough District Council
I worked with Business Lab through their involvement in facilitating the Auckland Screen and Digital Content Leadership Group and its many subgroups. The Business Lab team brings a relaxed yet efficient approach to planning and strategy that produces results. I highly recommend their services to any organisation looking for a personable and effective business facilitator.
— Frances Valentine, Board Chair, The Mindlab by Unitech