The Ministry of Education engaged Business Lab to help support local Kelston principals with work on an education vision for the area. Under the Auckland Unitary Plan large growth and a changing population are projected for Kelston and New Lynn over the next 20 years, making this an ideal time to develop an educational pathway vision. The outcome was community commitment to a Vision statement and an ongoing collaborative change project.

Business Lab's extensive engagement with the local community  involved:

  • 20 interviews with key stakeholders such as iwi, different ethnic group members, industry, tertiary providers and churches.
  • 450 community survey responses about current perceptions of education, important factors for schooling choice and the key educational outcomes desired for students in the area. The survey was made available both online and in soft copy and was distributed through the collaborative efforts of the schooling network. To ensure responses were representative of the community a translation evening was held where parents could have their survey translated into Samoan, Tongan, Tamil, Pasto, Farsi or Sui Tin Tin. 
  • 35 participants at a stakeholder workshop including Principals, Board of Trustee members, early childhood educators, local church leaders, industry and ATEED.
  • 80 people attended a community visioning presentation (parents, school staff, church and community representatives) where the core results of the engagement process were presented.  Smaller group discussions were held around the main themes of seamless pathways, active partnerships, shared resources and building brand. Over 20 people registered their interest for further participation in this project.
                                             Main Themes that emerged for the Vision Statement

                                             Main Themes that emerged for the Vision Statement

This project was Business Lab's most comprehensive to date, with respects to both numbers of people who participated and utilising different methods and tools for engagement.

Kelston Future Education Vision pdf