The ability to be able to bounce ideas and thoughts off the Business Lab team, and the consistency across the years of working with each other are great.
— Tracy Shackleton, Papakura Business Association Town Centre Manager

A key goal in the Papakura Business Association’s Annual Plan is to create an appealing environment in the town centre that is accessible, attractive, connected and safe. Business Lab was engaged to design an innovative Collective Impact project to help achieve this goal. The project started off under the name “Safe and Welcoming Papakura”. During an early stakeholder planning workshop a new programme name and vision was developed by workshop attendees:



A safe, healthy, culturally diverse community where we all trust and support each other

Three main workstreams emerged during discussions.

Cultural Identity has been actioned through an ongoing series of Tikanga Talks. These have been well supported by the local business community.

Positive Stories will involve holding a street festival in early 2018 to celebrate Papakura’s cultural uniqueness. Planning is underway for this.

Youth Employment: Events have been held at the Library and at Boodles restaurant with more planned. The most recent event had an entrepreneurial theme and was well attended.

Business Lab have supported this work through their Continuity Programme, providing leadership support and advice, assisting at meetings and attending events.