Great places don't just happen - they are created.

Why Papakura! is not a question, it's an answer.  Working with the Papakura Business Association, local businesses and developers, commercial real estate agents and the community - we wanted to know what information would attract new investors to Papakura.  Why Papakura! is the result.  It's a unique initiative by a proactive business association to promote it's town centre to the people who really matter - those who invest time, money and effort in shaping its future.

Launched on 23rd March 2016, and developed by the Business Lab team in partnership with Papakura Business Association, Why Papakura! is an investment prospectus that squarely lays out all the reasons why Papakura is the future growth centre in Auckland, and full of exciting opportunities for investors.  

Despite having just over 3% of the Auckland region's current population, more than 18% of future growth across the region is catered for in the Papakura local board area.  It has the 3rd busiest train station on the Auckland network, and is the 4th fastest growing area in New Zealand.


Far-sighted developers are transforming the local CBD experience with a swathe of luxury 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.  40 apartments are on the way with over 100 more in the pipeline.  Business investors are opening new cafes and eateries, boutique fashion stores, and hair design and beauty salons which are catering for the influx of people finding Papakura as an affordable and character-packed town.  The New World is relocating within the CBD to bigger and better premises, and Counties Medical is currently refurbishing the old Warehouse premises with a long-term commitment that will bring thousands more people into the town centre.

The Business Lab team engaged a wide variety of current and potential investors to research the prospectus content, as well as intermediaries like commercial real estate agents, and the local business community to really understand what new investors would want to know about Papakura in deciding whether to invest there.  To turn that into something inspiring, photography was commissioned from Warren Herbert, a local photographer and the design work was done by another local business, Stewart Design and Print.  The result is a stunning prospectus that really highlights what Papakura has to offer.

As with all our work, a critical element of the project was ensuring a collaborative and engaging approach, with input being driven by the relevant communities and people involved - all of whom have invested in shaping the future of Papakura in one way or another.

Great places don't just happen - they are created.  They are created by investors of all kinds: developers, business and property owners, concerned citizens, and - increasingly - by forward-thinking organisations like the Papakura Business Association.

Our expertise is in helping organisations like business associations meaningfully engage people in community driven, local economic development initiatives like Why Papakura!  Contact us to find out more about how we can help you engage the people who matter in collaborative initiatives that will shape the future of something you are about.