Smart & Connected - Marlborough District Council

Marlborough Smart and Connected is an economic development programme designed to foster leadership within industries and communities to help promote collaborative opportunities within each.  The programme promotes innovative thinking in how to work better together through being well connected. 

Supported by Marlborough District Council, each community and industry are taken through a powerful process of engagement which results in shared opportunities being captured in Smart and Connected implementation plan.  A steering group is then put in place to ensure leadership is maintained over time.

Business Lab have been Marlborough District Council’s preferred partner in designing and facilitating Marlborough Smart and Connected.  Services provided ranged from overall project management, stakeholder interviews, facilitated public workshops and steering group establishment.

Unique to this programme have been a series of follow-up steps after public workshops have been held designed to drive the recruitment of the right people to take on the all important ongoing steering group roles.  These follow-up meetings have been successful in recruiting volunteers resulting in the implementation of significant projects for each community at very low cost.  It has also resulted in improvements to the partnerships the Marlborough District Council enjoys with its communities and industries throughout the Marlborough region.

To learn more about Marlborough Smart and Connected, contact Colin Bass from Business Lab or Neil Henry, Manager Economic Development and Strategy at Marlborough District Council.